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Advantages of Copper Welding

Copper is an aesthetically pleasing and soft, non-ferrous metal. Its rich natural colour makes copper a popular choice for sculptures, bar tops, and tables. Therefore copper is often an interior design choice for commercial premises. In fact, in recent years, the popularity of industrial style interior design in bars and restaurants has led to a new surge in copper's popularity.

More so than being a simple aesthetic choice, copper's natural properties have various industrial applications.

Copper is a natural conductor that is used extensively within the electricity industry. Copper is also used in piping and valves, making it very common in the plumbing industry. We can see that the advantages of copper are far-reaching and numerous. In this blog, we're going to discuss some of these advantages.



One of the significant advantages of copper is in its price. As it's a relatively malleable metal, installation time can be saved when using copper for everything from tubing to sheeting.

A further advantage is the heat resistance of copper. This makes it perfect for use in applications where there needs to be a high level of corrosion protection. The high melting point of copper also gives it long service life.

A further advantage of copper is its corrosion resistance. Copper has a low reactivity rating leading to a high corrosion resistance and an overall reduction in risk of failure and deterioration. Using copper for connection purposes helps to minimise the need for any costly repairs or replacements. Therefore, copper is a sought-after metal for those looking for quality on a budget.

Still not convinced if copper is suitable for your next welding project? Please get in contact with her experts today. Our team has extensive experience and can recommend suitable material for your next Project. Our experience extends to both aesthetic copper welding projects and industrial welding projects. Our team are available nationwide.

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