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So What Exactly is Bespoke Fabrication

As an expert Louth based bespoke fabrication company, we get asked all the time, what exactly is bespoke fabrication? In the modern world, bespoke fabrication has a myriad of meanings.

Bespoke fabrication could relate to metal staircases and ladders to more creative work like sculpture and design. What all metal fabrication has in common is that it combines technical expertise with creativity. Even something as seemingly straightforward as designing a ladder has a level of inherent complexity. First and foremost, the ladder needs to be measured to size, it must adhere to all safety procedures and be built from long-lasting, robust materials. Bespoke fabrication is specialised work that involves manipulating metal into the shape of something useful, functional or aesthetically pleasing. At Colin Dunne Engineering Ltd. we’ve completed a slew of bespoke fabrication projects that blur the various definitions of bespoke fabrication. We have often blended the functional with the aesthetic. For example, a metal spiral staircase will need to be both strong, and functional yet also complete the property's interior design.

Stainless steel shelving in a commercial kitchen will of course need to be easy to clean, functional and sturdy enough to hold heavy kitchen equipment and utensils. The shelving will also need to be designed in a way as to not interfere with the workflow of the kitchen.



As a Louth based bespoke fabrication company that operates in Dublin and Louth, we can comfortably say that bespoke metal fabrication is required just about everywhere. We have designed, manufactured and installed unique metal fabrication pieces in domestic properties, retail properties, factories, warehouses, etc. We have even completed a few outdoor bespoke steel fabrication pieces.

This diversity of environment means we have to take a unique approach to each one of our commissions. Outdoor pieces, be they ladders or fire escapes need to be able to stand up to the often unpredictable Irish weather. The same goes for park benches, railings and signage solutions.



So what is bespoke fabrication? Bespoke fabrication is the process of manipulating metal into a shape or a product that serves a purpose, even if that purpose is just to be looked at and admired.

If you require the very best bespoke fabrication design, manufacturing and installation services, get in contact with our team of steel fabrication experts today.

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